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18/10/18 - Neris Valkure-1 now discontinued. Contact us ASAP if you wish to purchase one of the last remaining stock on hand

30/09/18 - Neris SMART-2 PRO review by owner Mike Loftus. Reviews page

29/03/18 - Neris SMART-2 PRO available to order now. See SMART's page

29/03/18 - Clearance of ex-demo stock - 1 x Neris Valkure-1, 1 x Neris Valkure-2. See Sales page

10/02/18 - new range coming soon - SMART PRO Series of hybrid kayaks / canoes. See News

23/01/18 - new video of a trio of SMART-2 hybrid kayaks off the coast of Turkey

12/11/17 - demo kayak & canoe version SMART-2 available to try out (South England). Photos here

23/10/17 - 2018 DW race.
Considering entering in the 2018 Devizes to Westminster non-stop canoe race in the Folding Boat Class? Speak to us about the very competitive Neris Valkure-2 folding kayak ASAP


No matter which country you are based in, do contact us with your queries. Prices are linked to the Euro - we will provide quotes in your preferred currency if not based in the UK.

When you would like to order, write to us and we will provide up to date quotes. We will also send you an invoice with relevant payment details etc.

Or if you need advice etc, we are more than happy to help with your queries.

Looking to replacing the skin for your Pouch RZ85 or Russian made kayaks? Speak to us about a replacement skin for your German made Pouch RZ85-3 or Russian Saliut / Taimjen kayaks.

Looking for something?
If you are looking for something that is not listed on our website please give us a call or email us.

NERIS products are all made in Europe, using European / USA made materials and high grade German PVC welding machines.

5 year warranty on all NERIS products

Important Notice
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid license / permission from the relevant authorities to use water craft on UK's waterways, rivers, lakes, etc. Not all inland water is open to paddlers, some access points are privately owned or is bounded by land which is private, so do check beforehand. Membership of a canoe union / club is very beneficial.

UK's 'Song Of The Paddle' forum is a very friendly and useful site to obtain up to date information of all kinds regarding canoeing inland waters, both in the UK and Europe



NERIS Product Reviews

Feedback, reviews, and blogs from testers and clients. Where a review or a blog has been submitted on an independent website / forum, links to that site will be provided.


NERIS Smart-2 PRO - Owner Mike Loftus - Sept 2018
If you don't want to read a long review and you just want to know then yes, I would recommend this boat.

So why buy this boat with so many options out there? Well it depends on what you need from a boat, so I can tell you about what I needed and how the Smart Pro fits my criteria.

I have experience of sea touring in solo boats but wanted a boat that was suitable for camping trips with my wife who is much more canoe orientated. We have taken many canoe trips on fresh water, but they are obviously limited in open sea.
The Smart pro offers a boat that is sea worthy, adaptable, (can be used as an open canoe) and can pack down for storage or transport.

As it turns out we have not actually used it as a canoe because we prefer the extra power available with double bladed paddling. The boat is considerably lighter than any other double I know of, can be easily lifted onto a roof rack or packed down to fit in the car boot. Also, the weight helps with any portage you need to do. I have been on group trips where people in plastics doubles need four people to portage their boat, not the case with the Smart Pro.

The boat is very stable due to the inflatable side tubes, I have not experienced any tippy moments making it a good, stable fishing platform. It handles well for a double, better than some of the plastic hulled boats I have used, tracks well and is surprisingly responsive to steering despite the length to width ratio. I was initially worried I would need a massively long paddle due to the width, so I bought an extendable paddle thinking I would use it at maximum extension but do in fact have it closer to its minimum. We have used the boat in winds exceeding 12 m/s and it remained responsive, the windage effect was considerably less than expected.

The main reason for buying boat was to go camping. It easily carries enough gear inside the boat for two people for several days. I have not had to make choices on what to leave behind, it all fits. There is also the opportunity to strap things to the deck if need be.

All decisions involve some compromise. In bigger swells the boat is more raft like than fully rigid kayaks but still no significant problems. There is no skeg so we opted for the rudder kit. It works well when set up just right, takes a few trips to get it where you want it. However, it is also completely possible to manoeuvre the boat successfully with paddles only. Puddles of splash water do accumulate on the deck because it is not a fully rigid boat, but again this does not cause significant problems.

In conclusion the boat is a good match for my requirements, sea worthiness and stowage are excellent. I would recommend this over sit on tops any day and consider its lightness and adaptability to be a great advantage.

Michael Loftus
Bolo, Lofoten Islands, Norway

NERIS Valkure-1 400 - Owner NIck K - Sept 2016
A blog site by ex-pat Nick K - Quiet Kayaking -
Little adventures with my folding kayak. By: Nick, The Quiet Paddler

NERIS Alu-2 500 - Owner - Jordan Newman-Beckett - July 2016

NERIS Alu-2 folding kayak
Living in a small house in a city, size and transportability were my main concerns when buying a canoe. After doing some online research I decided to go for a Neris as they seemed to offer the best quality kayaks within my price range.

I ended up going for the Neris Alu-2 500 (the lightest two man canoe) package including paddles, spray decks and rudder. Once it arrived in the UK Simon Bolze delivered it to my house where he went through the construction of it with me, which took about 30 minutes. The first time I tried to construct it by myself it took longer - about 50 minutes! - but since then I've got it down to around half an hour.

The first time I took it out on the water I was struck by how lightweight and manoeuvrable it was and I've since comfortably paddled it solo when loaded up. I was also pleased by how stable it felt in the water as this was one of my concerns with buying a fold up. Overall I found the construction high quality and design very intuitive and am happy to recommend it.

NERIS Valkure-2 550 - Owner - Nigel Godbolt, Northampton - July 2016

NERIS Valkure-2 folding kayak NERIS Valkure-2 foldable canoe

I had been reviewing kayaks for several months in order to work out which type and make I wanted to buy. With limited space at home and not wanting to have a roof rack permanently on my car, I knew I wanted a collapsible style and quickly dismissed inflatable as too slow and liable to damage.

I liked the look of Klepper but their price is prohibitive and the all-wooden frame did not appeal. Neris makes a wide range of single and 2-3 man collapsible kayaks with a range of add-ons that really appealed and had an hybrid Series that has an aluminium and wooden frame. The price point was right and I went to see Simon Bolze of Neris Watersports in Reading for a chat and a demonstration of constructing the kayak.

I placed an order there and then for a Valkure 2 man kayak, plus spraydeck, optional rudder and paddles. It arrived incredibly well wrapped and I had it out in my back garden to practice constructing it. Having only watched Simon build it once a few weeks ago, I was expecting it to be a challenge - however, it is all very logical and took me just over 30 minutes. Now having built and stripped it down numerous times, I have got it down to 25 minutes or so.

It paddles well both as a single and with a 2nd paddler. It will never be quite as quick as a solid kayak, but it is no slouch. Incredibly stable due to the sponsons and I have loaded it up to over the weight recommendation with myself, my son, our dog and overnight camping gear and food with no issues. Loads of stowage gear at the front and rear and between the 2 paddlers (my dogs favoured location when the spraydeck isn't fitted!). It appears very robust with rubber running strips at all the obvious potential wear points. Next summer it is off for a couple of sea trips where I
think it will excel.

The only item I have added is a set of strap on wheels for ease of transporting the kayak when assembled when I am paddling on my own. With the Valkure 2 it is no issue carrying it with 2 of you, but the wheels make it a doddle when you are on your own (this issue would not be there if you had a single)

All in all, a well constructed and enjoyable kayak for river / lake / sea use that packs down for easy storage and transport.


On an ongoing basis, NERIS innovates and improves all products. IE product descriptions (text / photos) on this site is subject to change without prior notice.

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