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02/12/16 - Happy Trio offer
now on !
Special offers till 27th Jan 2017 for folding kayaks, inflatable kayaks and catarafts

01/12/16 - Useful Websites page added.
A list of sites that will help with the planning of the next trip etc

28/11/16 - Product Reviews page added.
Read what new owners thought of their recent purchases here

26/09/16 - Five sponsored Neris Valkure-2 kayaks delivered to Mick Dawson's "Cockleshell Endeavour" PTSD Recovery program for ex Royal Marines taking part in the next non-stop 127 mile DW race. See News

01/08/16 - SportCat-4 R4 cataraft
available for viewing at Reading, Berks. Qualified Raft Guides can request to try out (or hire to use) at any man made WW centre's in the UK.


No matter which country you are based in, do contact us with your queries. Prices are set in UK Sterling - we will provide quotes in your preferred currency if not based in the UK.

When you would like to order, write to us and we will provide up to date quotes. We will also send you an invoice with relevant payment details etc. Or if you need advice etc, we are more than happy to help with your queries.

Looking to replacing the skin for your Pouch RZ85 or Russian made kayaks? Speak to us about a replacement skin for your German made Pouch RZ85-3 or Russian Saliut / Taimjen kayaks.

Looking for something?
If you are looking for something that is not listed on our website please give us a call or email us.

NERIS products are all made in Europe, using European made materials and high grade German made PVC welding machines.

5 year warranty on all NERIS products

Important Notice
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid license / permission from the relevant authorities to use watercraft on UK's waterways, rivers, lakes, etc. Not all inland water is open to paddlers, some are privately owned or is bounded by land which is private, so do check beforehand. Membership of a canoe union / club is very beneficial.



Welcome to NERIS UK
Home of NERIS ZELGEAR Water Sports in the UK

Specialising in foldable collapsible boats that comes packed in a backpack bag or two

= Folding kayaks, inflatable kayaks and catarafts =

NERIS / ZELGEAR specialises in watercraft made with high grade aluminum and PVC - folding kayaks, inflatable kayaks and catarafts. All the boats and high grade materials that the boats are made from, are all produced in Europe, with the PVC welding done on quality German made machines. NERIS ZELGEAR also makes PVC inflatable seats, waterproof dry bags, pouches, inflatable tents, inflatable snow sleds, and more.

NERIS ZELGEAR boats has been available for over 13 years mostly in Eastern European countries and Russia through various large retail outlets and as well as being rented out by river tour hire companies, and now an exclusive dealership has opened up here in the UK.

Many of the NERIS products incorporate the 1st in a few designs - NERIS is the 1st with the innovative 'Transformer' Series of folding kayaks, the 1st to produce the fold down 'A' frame sailing masts design for folding kayaks, and ZELGEAR is the 1st to produce the kneeling design on frameless R2 and R4 river running catarafts.

Over that last 16 years, different models and types of NERIS watercrafts have been thoroughly tested and used worldwide, on rivers of varying grades up to Grade 4/5. This is testament to the hard wearing quality of the PVC used for the hulls and a lighter grade for the upper decks plus the PVC welds used in between. NERIS folding kayaks have been used down rapids on the River Nile in Uganda and on freezing waters in Alaska, Norway and Siberia. The catarafts have been tested and used on many white water rivers for many years in Europe, and latterly over the last 2-3 years in Canada and USA.

The streamlined ZELGEAR IGLA series of inflatable kayaks have shown that these boats can complete well against the folding kayaks and even as well as the hard shell kayaks on marathon races.

ZELGEAR have had many years experience in building and developing white water catamaran style rafts, first with aluminum frames securing the two pontoon floats (framed rafts), and latterly joining the floats with air tubes (frameless rafts). The successful and highly sought after R2 and R4 kneeling frameless catarafts are also currently being sold and used in North America under a different Cat names.

If interested in purchasing a foldable craft, contact us via email and we will discuss your needs and take it from there. We want to make sure that you purchase the right boat for your needs before buying!

R4 ZelGear kneeling white water cataraft
ZelGear SportCat-2 (BeaveR-2) frameless kneeling seat cataraft
Thigh and knee braces keeps you firm on the red forward facing kneeling seats / saddles

NERIS A-540 inflatable kayak

Sponsorship of 5 folding kayaks for the
'Cockleshell Endeavor' PTSD Recovery Program
/ Devizes to Westminster 2017 Canoe Race
Devizes to Westminster canoe race - folding kayaks
NERIS has sponsored 5 Valkure-2 550 folding kayaks for the Cockleshell Endeavor PTSD Recovery Program which will be used by teams of ex-Royal Marines / Commandos mentors & veterans training for and racing in the Devizes to Westminster 125 mile non-stop race being held over the next Easter weekend (2017). Details

NERIS ZelGear Catarafts Around the World
Piteälven River tour - 120 km in 8 days -Sweden

ZelGear SportCat-2 (BeaveR-2) - August 2016

We would like to wish all of our customers past, present and future a very Merry Christmas!

Our gift to old, new or returning customers.....


now on!

Folding kayaks offer - details here
Inflatable kayaks offer - details here
Catarafts offer - details here

Paddling a ZelGear SportCat-2 cataraft off the Sound of Jura, west coast of Scotland
August 2016
Owner - M Thomas, Hertfordshire, UK

Neris Valkure-1 400 single seater folding kayak

Go canoeing
in a
foldable kayak !

Go canoeing in a foldable kayak

Long carry bag and back pack for double and triple seater folding kayaks
(single seater kayaks have one tall backpack)

The most versatile craft ever - from backpack to water in 10-25 minutes.

Store packed kayak bag/s in a cupboard at home, or in the boot of the car, motorhome or caravan. Also easily travel to your starting location by train or coach, and paddle to another location and return home via a different train / coach.

Simply assemble by the waterside and then off you paddle!

Go canoeing in a NERIS folding kayak
NERIS Valkure-2 folding kayak shooting Grade 3 rapids
on the White Nile, Uganda
Go canoeing in a NERIS inflatable kayak
Red ZelGear Igla-2 inflatable kayak passing a marker buoy on Germany's Lake Bodensee half Marathon
ZelGear BeaveR-2 and OtteR-4 rafts
Frameless ZelGear SportCat-2 R2 and SportCat-4 R4 kneeling Catarafts - Dnieper River, Ukraine

On an ongoing basis, NERIS innovates and improves all products. IE product descriptions (text / photos) on this site is subject to change without prior notice.

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